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Building a Green (Mini-ITX) PC

This video shows the construction of an energy efficient PC that uses only around 20W of power. For those who are interested, a build list is as follows (updated slightly from the video due to technology and avaialble components having moved on). I've hyperlinked the components to Mini-ITX.com where I got them from, but there are plenty of other suppliers.

Intel D525MW motherboard with integrated 1.8GHz dual core Atom processor. NOTE: I actually used a D510MO motherboard with an integrated 1.66Ghz dual core Atom processor, but this is no longer (widely) available, so I would use a 525MW in any new build today.

Mini ITX case 3320 (no manufacturer stated. Includes PSU)

2GB DDR3 1333 SODIMM for 2GB of memory (I used two DDR2 667 DIMMs and you will need these if you use a D510MO motherboard. However, the D525MW takes SODIMM DDR3 memory, and it is cheaper to reach 2GB with one DDR3 SODIMM rather than two, which also leaves expansion capacity).

40GB Intel X25-V 2.5in SATA II Solid State Disk. You could use any standard-height 2.5" disk drive to reduce the cost of your build. But the SSD is nice, and this Intel one is fast and not that bad a price.

The only other things you need are an operating system -- I used Windows 7, but as so many people have told me, a version of Linux costs nothing and suits this build to the ground if you don't need to run Windows apps (which I did). You'll also need a keyboard, mouse, monitor and patience. The white surface to build the thing on is optional!

Good Luck!

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