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Raspberry Pi Google AIY Videos

The Google AIY Voice Kit for the Raspberry Pi is Google's first step in adding artificial intelligence to the maker toolkit -- or in other worlds "DIY AI". In the following videos I start experimenting with the possibilities . . .

Raspberry Pi Google AIY Voice Kit

Raspberry Pi Google AIY GPIO Voice Control

In this second video I start to investigate the involved Python code, and progress to set things up to start using voice commands to control LEDs connected to GPIO pins.

The wiring diagram included in the above video is as follows:

Note that the current limiting resistors used are 470 ohms (yellow, violet brown), because these are what I easily had available. You could use 330 ohms or more.

The Python scripts (code) used in the video can be viewed and downloaded from the following links. Note that the opening of this code is based on the sample code provided by Google and remains the copyright of the same:

Google AIY Voice Kit

Google AIY is bringing AI to the maker toolkit on the Raspberry Pi.

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