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The Use of Cookies on this Website

This website is a cookie-free zone. There are absolutely no cookies here. None!

The above means that nothing is saved on your computer by this website, and as a consequence the world as we know it is not threatened by the horrifically terrible monsters that cookies apparently are. Thank goodness for that.

Cookies are small files that a web browser saves on a computer to help website providers monitor their traffic, offer interactive services, and otherwise operate and improve their sites. I used to employ a service called Google Analytics on this website for the purpose of traffic analysis. However, to continue doing so I would have had to add new code to generate an annoying pop-up that would have said something like "This website uses cookies, is this OK?" And then you would have needed to click on "OK", just like you now do on most websites that serve people across Europe. And in case you didn't know, this is all thanks to the so-termed "Cookie Law" implemented by the European Union.

Passing a law to require all websites in a large proportion of the world to declare the use of a standard web technology is in my view ludicrous. But there we are. The people of Europe still like having non-democratic bureaucrats put regulations in place to make their lives more difficult.

"But", I hear some people cry, "the lovely European Union is trying to protect privacy and civil rights". Yeah, right. Give me a break. Anybody who thinks they can use the public Internet and not leave a digital trail of their activity is in serious need of a brain transplant. If you don't want other people to know what you are doing online, just don't go online. And personally, I'm far more worried about people who want to hide their online activities than the motives of those who want and need to track us. If you let a stranger into your house for free, you would probably want to keep an eye on them. But do the same thing on your website, and that is apparently a terrible thing. The Internet now provides humanity with a mass of really great digital content. But us poor sods who provide that content still need to pay the bills, and cookie technology helps many people out with that.

Oh well, rant over. No wonder Europe is in terminal decline.

More information on the Terms of Use of this website can be found here.

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