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Single Board Computers


Single board computers (SBCs), such as the Raspberry Pi, are small computers that contain on one board their processor, RAM, and either onboard storage (in the form of eMMC flash memory), or a storage connector like a microSD or M.2 slot that allows flash storage to be directly mounted.

SBCs existed before the Raspberry Pi. But in 2012 the Raspberry Pi arrived as a low-cost SBC with excellent educational support resources. As result, it quickly captured the attention of many enthusiasts and makers. And in turn, many in industry adopted the Raspberry Pi as a low cost computing platform that they could easily and cheaply integrate into their products. Fast forward a decade, and over 40 millon Raspberry Pi's have now been sold

Today consumers use Raspberry Pis and other SBCs for a variety of purposes that include experimentation, learning how to program, building a media player or NAS drive, robotics, home automation, and performing basic computing tasks such as web browsing or word processing. Meanwhile in industry, SBCs are also used for a wide range of applications that include digital signage, AI, edge computing, production automation, sensing and tracking, and the wider Internet of things (IoT). For more information, see my video Top 10 Uses for a Raspberry Pi or the Raspberry Pi Projects page.


All current Raspberry Pi models have ARM processors based on the ARM instruction set architecture (ISA) created by ARM Limited. However, perhaps more than any other form-factor, SBCs now embrace ISA diversity, with other models available with ARM, x86 or RISC-V processors. Note that today, when people refer to an "x86" SBC they are almost always referring to one with a 64-bit x86-64 processor, with the term "x86" used in its broadest sense to refer to the x86 and related processor family, and not just to 32-bit x86 hardware.

SBC REVIEWS (Individual)

As of October 2023, there have been 65 ExplainingComputers reviews of individual SBCs and other mini or small form factor (SFF) PCs. To access these videos, either select from the list below, or click on one of the four images in the right column. Enjoy!


Below are links to videos where I have ranked, reviewed and otherwise compared many different single board computers in the same video.

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