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Raspberry Pi Automation

This page supports the ExplainingComputers YouTube series on home automation using a Raspberry Pi. All code and wiring shown in the videos is included below. Enjoy!

Raspberry Pi Automation #1: Mains Relay Board

WARNING: mains electricity is dangerous. Do not attempt what is shown in this video unless you have prior experience working with mains electricity and understand how to take appropriate safety measures. In particular, when working with mains electricity, ensure that your circuit is connected to an residual current device (RCD) or other form of circuit breaker.

The relay Hat used in the video can be purchased on Amazon.com here and on Amazon.co.uk here. An apparently identical unit, branded to another manufacturer, is on Amazon.de here.

The code used in the video is as follows:

The wiring diagram for the test board is as follows:

Bulbs test board

Raspberry Pi Automation #2: Energenie Wireless Sockets

The code used in this second video is as follows:


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